Mum-to-be feels unsafe in own home after thieves stole bike

A NORTH IPSWICH woman said she now felt unsafe in her own home after brazen thieves crept onto her property and stole a bicycle.

Mum-to-be Tori Schlecht said the stolen Dunlop mountain bike had been a birthday present to her mother and was brand new and unassembled when it was taken.

Ms Schlecht said the bike parts had been left next to a trailer in the backyard and would have been out of sight to anyone who walked past the house.

"This wasn't some kind of opportunistic theft," she said. "Whoever stole it needed to have walked into the yard looking for something to take."

Ms Schlecht said the idea that a stranger had trespassed onto her private property was a scary thought.

"This incident has definitely made me feel less safe in my house. I certainly won't be keeping anything of value left unsecured in the backyard again."

The missing Dunlop mountain bike was purple and silver in colour and stolen on Tuesday.

"My mother was upset when she found out the bike had gone, she didn't even get a chance to ride it," she said.

"The thieves left the seat of the bike behind though, so I don't think they will be riding around on it anywhere."

"I just don't understand why people steal - it's so unfair to the victims. It makes my blood boil".

Ms Schlecht said numerous houses in her suburb were being broken into and that the situation was "beyond a joke".

She said the bike theft had been reported to police.

If you have any information about the missing bike phone crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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