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Mum-to-be bashed

AN IPSWICH mother bashed a pregnant woman with a metal pole in a jealous rage.

Melissa Jade Johnson, 21, and the victim knew each other since meeting at high school and there was some "bad blood" between the pair.

The women had broken up with their partners and started seeing each other's exes - essentially "swapping partners".

On September 15 Johnson was at Ipswich McDonald's car park and the victim was "lapping" the Ipswich CBD in a car.

She drove past Johnson up to 20 times, allegedly calling out derogatory comments regarding the relationship swap.

When the victim drove into the car park, Johnson walked up to her with the intent to fight and armed herself with a metal pole.

Johnson swung the pole repeatedly at the pregnant victim, smashing her in the head and body.

Johnson was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and pleaded guilty at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Defence lawyer Yassar Khan said there had been some level of provocation as the victim alleged belted Johnson with a ratchet two weeks prior.

Johnson, a mother of one, did not make a complaint, so the allegations weren't substantiated.

The court heard the victim's unborn child was not harmed during the attack.

Magistrate Michael Quinn said to swing a solid metal bar at the head and body of another human being was "over the top and absolutely unjustified".

"You deliberately armed yourself with a weapon and put yourself in a position where a confrontation was to take place," Mr Quinn said.

Johnson, who had no criminal history, was sentenced to 18 months probation.

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