Crash on Toongarra Road round about.
Crash on Toongarra Road round about. Cordell Richardson

Mum of six robs bank, crashes stolen car in police chase

DESPERATE for money to pay rent, a mum of six hijacked an elderly woman's car then used it in the getaway after robbing her local bank.

Armed with a knife, her face hidden, Kylie Beattie wasn't recognised by the frightened bank staff where she'd been a regular customer. 

For her trouble Beattie only managed to grab $2550, Ipswich District Court heard.

Pursued by police, Beattie crashed the stolen red Toyota Corolla into a truck.

Kylie Maree Beattie, 36, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to robbery; armed robbery on Tuesday, August 7, 2018; threatening violence; dangerous operation of a motor vehicle; and failing to stop for police.

Crown prosecutor Evan O'Hanlon-Rose said Beattie had spent 10 months held in custody since her arrest.

He said the offences all took place on the same day.

Mr O'Hanlon-Rose said a 77-year-old woman parked her Corolla at the Corinda shopping centre on Oxley Rd at 9.50am when Beattie walked up to her.

Polite at first Beattie then demanded she hand over her car keys before threatening to stab her if she didn't.

Beattie took off in the Corolla and drove it to Lowood.

With her face hidden by a balaclava and armed with a stainless steel kitchen knife that had a 20cm blade, Beattie walked into the Bendigo Bank at 10.35am and demanded money from a female teller.

When another female staff member got up from a nearby desk, Beattie pointed the knife at her causing her to walk back to the desk.

Beattie insisted the teller hurry up, yelled at her and swore, then grabbed a handful of cash - $2550 and runs out of the bank with it.

The Crown facts were that Beattie drove dangerously on Brisbane Valley Highway at high speed during a police chase.

At various times the stolen Corolla crossed onto the wrong side of the road.

It then slammed into the rear tray of a truck at a roundabout on Old Toowoomba Rd in Leichhardt.

Mr O'Hanlon-Rose said the Crown sought a jail term of four to five years, saying there had been planning to commit the robbery and the use of balaclava disguise.

He said Beattie had relevant convictions in 2009 for committing six armed robberies and eight counts of fraud. She had received a jail term of six years and seven months.

Defence barrister Clare O'Connor said Beattie, a mother of six, suffered anxiety and an opiate dependence after first using heroin at the age of 17.

Her heroin addiction had persisted and she'd been on a methadone program.

At the time of the bank robbery she needed money because her rent for her Redbank Plains house had fallen in arrears.

"She instructs she did it as she faced the prospect of losing her house," she said.

"She was using heroin and gone off her medication."

Judge Dennis Lynch QC sentenced Beattie to five years jail.

He set a parole eligibility date (to begin her application to the parole board) after she served 20 months which will be in April 2020.

Judge Lynch said Beattie demanded the cars keys from 77-year old Mrs O'Grady telling her that she needed money.

He said a victim, named as Mrs O'Grady, asked Beattie a number of times if there was anything she could do to help her, before she gave up the keys.

He said the police pursuit after the bank robbery involved high speed, driving onto the incorrect side of the road, causing oncoming drivers to take evasive action.

And when she crashed the stolen Toyota into a truck she attempted to flee but was arrested.

"Sadly you have a very bad criminal history," Judge Lynch said.

He said the bank teller felt a sense of betrayal as Beattie was someone she knew as a regular customer at the bank.

He said Mrs O'Grady was prepared to forgive Beattie but the robbery clearly had an impact on her, and she spoke of being in fear at the time.

"You cannot be a good example to your children if you are sitting in jail. I'm sure it's something you've reflected on," Judge Lynch observed.

Beattie's licence was disqualified two years.

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