Neumann outraged at Abbott email

BLAIR MP Shayne Neumann has slammed Opposition leader Tony Abbott for sending an email to his supporters opposing the government’s proposed flood levy and asking for donations to campaign against it.

Mr Abbott defended the email, saying the donations call was standard practice in political emails.

But Mr Neumann yesterday said the email proved Mr Abbott was more interested in political gain than helping to rebuild Queensland.

“While the rest of us are digging deep to support fellow Queenslanders, Tony Abbott is asking Australians to dig a little deeper to support the Liberal Party,” Mr Neumann said.

“Tony Abbott never misses an opportunity to put his own selfish political interests and opportunism first, ahead of the national interest.”

Mr Neumann said that Australians expected their leaders to put aside their own interests at times like this.

Mr Abbott also repeated his offer to “sit down” with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to come up with extra savings in the budget to pay for the rebuilding.

Mr Abbott said Labor also had donations information on a flood message it sent out to its supporters.

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