The Fauna Fetcher team Sophie and Bridget Thomson are passionate about wildlife and the environment.
The Fauna Fetcher team Sophie and Bridget Thomson are passionate about wildlife and the environment. Marc Stapelberg

Move over Bindi Irwin, we have the Fauna Fetchers

BRIDGET Thomson has caught more than 200 snakes, but the adrenaline still pumps every time she successfully relocates an eastern brown snake.

Sophie and Bridget Thomson are twin sisters who are so passionate about wildlife they are now looking into making documentaries to further spread their conservation message.

They call themselves the Fauna Fetchers, and they recently posted a video on their Facebook page of an Eastern Brown snake that was stuck in a macadamia shell.

"We got the brown snake and its head in a tube so it was safe for us to handle the snake and drilled the nut off from both sides," Bridget said.

"But that wasn't even the most interesting part of it.

"When we were filming the intro, about six takes in, a 2.2m eastern brown decided to slither up next to us.

"We are thinking that the macadamia nut eastern brown was a girl and the boy followed up the scent."


The two sisters were such prolific wildlife rescuers when they were young that even at school they were called by teachers to help ascertain how best to rescue a tawny frogmouth out of the girl's toilets or a fruit bat trapped in a bin.

"Fauna and flora make the world spin around and we want to help," Sophie said.

Sophie pursued dog training after high school while Bridget studied wildlife science at university as well as a snake handling course, where she developed a healthy fascination and respect for the cold-blooded creatures.

Between the dog training and snake relocation spawned the dream of creating animal documentaries helping to educate people about the joys of interacting with wildlife and some handy tips on how best to ensure we can peacefully cohabitate with Australia's abundant wildlife.

One of their most watched videos, with 2500 views, is the 'toad versus frogs' clip which explains how to tell the difference between the amphibious creatures .

You can see them at Ballina Fair Shopping Centre from September 25-29 from 10am-2pm with Reptile Awareness Display of Australia.

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