A MOTORCYCLIST has been caught on camera abusing and rev bombing a group of Queensland cyclists.

One of the Rockhampton-based cyclists - who did not want to be named - said the same motorcyclist is believed responsible for at least two similar incidents recently.

"It's happened twice on rides that I've been on and I believe it's happened on another ride as well with another group. We believe it to be the same guy," she said.

In the video, the motorcyclist does a U-turn upon seeing the cyclists.

"This guy is becoming a pest because he deliberately does U-turns and comes back for a second pass, so that's the scary thing about it," the female cyclist said.

"He yells abuse - f***ing get off the road - that kind of thing," she said.

"The first time he did it, there was a small group of maybe six riders. He followed us and revved his bike very close to the person I was riding next to, then he sped off. He turned left, we turned right, then he did a U-turn and came back at us."

The cyclist said the latest incident - filmed a week ago - was intimidating.

"It's designed to scare and it does scare," she said.

"My thoughts are he's trying to intimidate and harass. He's stalking us actually. Deliberately doing U-turns and coming back for second passes. He's coming back and we know we're going to cop it so that's why we've pulled over - because of him."

The incident was reported to police.

Queensland Police did not respond to questions, but Bicycle Queensland chief Anne Savage said the incident was a clear case of hooning and should be penalised.

"This person is a road loser, not a road user," she said.

"It's weak and pathetic behaviour to target an innocent group of women on bicycles. This man needs to read the road rules and learn some manners."

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