Motivation vital ingredient for mum's success in weight loss bid

WHEN she needed motivation to stay on top of her weight loss battle, Carole Adams-Beer found help from an expert - 2008 winner of The Biggest Loser Sam Rouen.

Mrs Adams-Beer said she met the 20-year-old, who just happened to be her nephew's best mate, on a Christmas trip to Sydney last year.

“I followed him the whole way with his weight loss on the show,” Ms Adams-Beer said.

“He told me how easy it was - that it was just exercise.

“He said if you don't exercise, it doesn't matter how many diets you go on.”

She said since the chance meeting, her weight loss mentor had kept in touch and checked on her progress.

“He said anyone could do it, they (the other participants) only didn't because they gave in,” Mrs Adams-Beer said.

“He said you just have to have the motivation to keep going.

“I usually lose 10 kilos and then say 'good job Carole, you get to have a chocolate' and that's where my trouble starts.”

As 20 ordinary Australians try to transform their lives over 12 weeks on The Biggest Loser, the QT will chronicle its own 'biggest losers'.

This includes the highs and the lows and temptations they face along the way and at the end of the series, rewarding our biggest weight loss participant.

Mrs Adams-Beer said she had struggled for “20 odd years” to lose her unwanted kilos, trying just about every diet.

“I'm a day-care mum and it is hard sometimes running around with the children,” Mrs Adams-Beer said.

“I don't feel well carrying the weight around.

“I am only five foot one, so that is an issue too.”

With two upstairs rooms “packed with clothes she can't get into”, Mrs Adams-Beer said the dream was to one day “get into a nice dress” for her husband of 38 years, Kenneth.

“I worked as a check-out chick and then I got an office job and was sitting on my bum all day,” she said.

“Since then it was a struggle to keep it off.”

Grandmother to two, the North Booval resident said another motivation was to set a good example for her daughter.

“The idea is if I do well, then she can do it to,” Mrs Adams-Beer said.

The Biggest Loser couples series kick starts on Channel Ten on Sunday.

Carole Adams-Beer

MOTIVATION: My health. I'm a family day care mum so I need the energy to keep up with the kids. FAVOURITE FOOD: With no restrictions Cadbury chocolate.


CURRENT EXERCISE: Walking around the block. I also have exercise machines in my lounge room.

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