Housemates Katie and Priya take up Big Brother's $10,000 cash offer.
Housemates Katie and Priya take up Big Brother's $10,000 cash offer. Paul Broben

Money talks: Big Brother power players take cash over food

BIG Brother power couple Katie and Priya couldn't go past $20,000 tonight.

On their first full day in the house, Big Brother asked the "Heads of House" to make two tough decisions.

For their first Power Play, they chose to banish Jason and Dion to sleep outside in the "fishbowl".

But it was their other big decision which is sure to leave many of their fellow housemates "hangry" (hungry and angry).

The women were offered $10,000 each but the cash came with a catch. If they took the money, then all food would be removed from the house and the housemates would have nothing to eat but meal replacement shakes for a week.

Katie and Priya decided to take the money to help clear their respective debts, but before they could reveal their decision four more housemates were thrown into the mix.

Prankster Sam, a Paralympic gold medalist, was the first new housemate out of the gate.

But he didn't get a choice in his partner like the housemates in last night's launch show.

Big Brother decided to pair him up with divorced midwife and fellow Melbournian Cat.

That left rugby-playing magician Lawson and sporty Sydney girl Aisha as the other new duo.

Lawson had plenty of cheeky one-liners, and left host Sonia Kruger speechless when she asked if he had a magic trick for her and he said he could put a baby in her belly (referring to her recently announced pregnancy).

There are sure to be plenty of grumblings when the housemates find out about Katie and Priya's decision in tomorrow night's show.



New housemates:

Sam, 26, Melbourne

Sam broke the 100m Butterfly world record at the 2004 Athens Paralympic and made international headlines for lying to an American journalist that his leg was mauled off by a kangaroo.


Lawson, 23, Perth

Lawson is still learning the tricks of his electrician's trade, but it's magic tricks that really spark him up. He plans to make friends with everyone in the house.


Cat, 31, Melbourne

Cat started out as a mild mannered accountant with a big Melbourne firm but discovered crunching numbers wasn't her vocation. She returned to university to study midwifery and found a career she loved


Aisha, 22, Sydney

Aisha was sports mad when growing up playing netball and filling in for her brother's rugby team when they were short. She's still fit and has a personal trainer's certificate.

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