Mobility 4 Me owner Tom Anderson.
Mobility 4 Me owner Tom Anderson. David Nielsen

Mobility gives freedom to choose

WE ALL see people using different aids to get around, but not often do we even think about how to access such resources, let alone know what is available.

Mobility 4 Me is good news for Ipswich residents who need a range of products to assist with mobility when physical ability is failing or not functioning.

Tom Anderson is the owner of Mobility 4 Me, located in unit 3, 16 Lowry St, North Ipswich.

The business is ideally situated for easy access and good parking, next to Jets Leagues Club.

"The business came as a requirement from my suppliers; they were looking for a local agent to carry their products. I have been affiliated with them for a couple of years," Mr Anderson said.

The business caters for a wide range of ages and situations.

"I talk to the elderly and those with different types of disabilities. We carry scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, most medical equipment as aids for those in this situation, lift chairs, bathroom and toilet chairs, electric beds and hoists," he said.

It is an extensive range but a real blessing for locals, who can buy in town as well as being supported with after sales service.

"John O'Grady works part-time for me and deals with service and delivery. We deal with repairs and services on location and will do what we can to assist our customers," he said.

Mr Anderson cited a situation where the business was able to assist a customer with a wheelchair that is 12 years old by getting a back made.

"We are mindful of cost and we look at what can be done that will support our customers. You have to think about comfort and the dollar," he said.

With an aging population, Tom Anderson is expecting that we will see more and more scooters on the road in the coming years.

"I am seeing people coming in who are no longer able to drive their car, so the scooter becomes a great option. We have road rule sheets and a checklist so customers know what to look for in a scooter. People adjust quite quickly, they are often embarrassed first up using one but they are an empowering tool," he said.

Mr O'Grady has recently been overseas and witnessed how popular scooters are. Some areas operate a system where a customer can buy a ticket and access a scooter in 50 different towns.

"We will move to that. Currently local shopping centres have limited numbers for customers," he said.

Mobility 4 Me works closely with clients and occupational therapists (OTs), who can advise on devices and support client needs.

Mr Anderson said they receive training from their suppliers but often the major support comes from a client's OT.

In an era where people are keen to remain independent and mobile, Mobility 4 Me is geared to support this aim.

While most products are sold, some are hired.

Mobility 4 Me can assist clients with support from Centrelink.

"There is some financial assistance available to people and we can step people through the process for this. We will also offer finance but we have to be in operation for 12 months before we can do that, in the form of interest free loans," he said.

Mobility 4 Me is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm and Saturday 9am to 12 noon. For details call 3282 8656.

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