Mints thief asked: Do you have bad breath?

THE state of a man's breath has come into question when he appeared in court for shoplifting four packets of breath mints.

Ethan James Symonds pleaded guilty to the theft at Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Police prosecutor sergeant Jo Colston said the 21-year-old stole the mints, valued at about $8, from Woolworths in Silkstone on September 13.

Symonds was seen hiding the mints in his pockets before he was caught trying to leave the store without paying for the items.

Upon sentencing, Magistrate Barry Cosgrove could not help but wonder why Symonds needed the mints so desperately.

"If you stole food, I might have understood why, but breath mints? Do you have bad breath?" he asked.

Symonds was fined $200 and ordered to pay $8.05 compensation to Woolworths.

"They turned out to be expensive mints," Mr Cosgrove said.

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