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Mackay Court House. Jarred Sferruzzi

Mine employee sentenced to prison for rape

AN ANGLO American logistics manager will spend four months in prison and pay $10,000 in compensation after raping a female colleague.

Peter James Gillespie, 53, of Moranbah was working as a logistics supervisor on a Middlemount mining site when he met the woman he raped, who also worked at the site.

The two met a month prior to the rape and spent time together.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Kelso said in Mackay District Court yesterday Gillespie, the woman and a group of people had been drinking alcohol on the afternoon of October 29, 2016 before the pair made their way back to Gillespie's cabin to continue drinking.

"They spent some time together and as they were leaving the defendant kissed the complainant," Ms Kelso said. "She made him aware she wasn't looking for any form of sexual relationship at that stage.

Ms Kelso told the court that on the evening of the rape the pair exchanged cuddles and kisses, however, the woman made it clear she did not want anything further.

The court was told Gillespie replied, "I won't touch you but that thing down there might".

"They kissed and cuddled... the defendant removed his clothes down to his boxer shorts... the complainant said she wasn't interested in anything other than kissing and cuddling that they had been engaged in up until that point," Ms Kelso said.

"(Gillespie) confirmed nothing would happen between them but made a gesture and comment towards his penis at that point."

The woman fell asleep, then awoke, discovering Gillespie atop her, inadvertently pinning her arms by her side.

He then put his erect penis into her mouth, and then attempted to force it further, but the woman wriggled free.

The court was told after this Gillespie went to the bathroom, then went to sleep.

A month later the woman made a phone call to Gillespie with police present, asking why he "put his d--- in (her) mouth".

He replied it was "just a male reaction at the time ...".

The court was told Gillespie participated in a police interview three months later, where he admitted to putting his penis in her mouth, but downplayed the situation. and made the comment she "certainly didn't not like it".

Gillespie pleaded guilty to one charge of rape.

His barrister, Bronwyn Hartigan, put forth an offer of $10,000 compensation to help assuage the grief felt by the woman.

She indicated that with Gillespie's $126,000 a year salary, $10,000 was a substantial sum.

Judge Brian Devereaux sentenced Gillespie to two years in prison, with a parole date in four months, and ordered the $10,000 compensation payment.

"You've heard counsel refer to it, your act has caused a great deal of distress, continuing so, and the complainant is very troubled as the result," he said.

"That response is informed by her annoyance with herself by putting herself in a situation where it could happen."

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