Military money could be better spent

Letter to Editor

The other day I learnt that the Australian Government had recently launched a new grants program to offset up to 50% of the costs of Land Forces Expo exhibitors. 

What is that about you may well ask?

In a nutshell, an Arms Trade Fair, showcasing and selling technologies, equipment and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo Asia Pacific: Arms that will unleash untold destruction and the death of many.

To add insult to literal injury the expo will be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre in June of this year!  In attendance will be weapons companies from overseas and here in Brisbane itself.

Yes, one of those companies may well be in a street near you.

The expo is about big business involving multi-million dollar commercial deals for the boys, but hides behind the curtain of defense and national security. 

Australia spends $98m a day on the military industry but baulks at providing a sure, strong, adequate income and housing safety net for many Australians.

Our real enemies are Covid-19, unaccountable power, greed, inequality and profit making war-mongers.

In my day grant recipients had to prove their project submissions would be of use and benefit to the community.

We know only too well who benefits here - arms dealers.

It's chilling to note that a weapons component manufactured in Queensland was found in a downed Azerbaijani military drone not that long ago.

We may weep for the plight of besieged nations from the safety and comfort of our lounge rooms, but we may also be assisting in their demise!

Just think of all the housing, jobs, and quality aged and health care that could be provided with the millions spent every day on the military.

Christine Venner-Westaway


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