Mikkayla's luck may have run out on Big Brother

Rohan from Big Brother.
Rohan from Big Brother. Paul Broben

MIKKAYLA will be at the top of tonight's Big Brother nominations list, the latest evictees predict.

Rohan and Xavier, the victims of last night's double eviction, believe the English teacher has a target on her back after escaping nomination the past two weeks thanks to Big Brother's Thursday swap.

"There's two solid weeks where she's been the luckiest person in the world," Rohan told APN.

"A lot of people want revenge, Matt in particular."

Xavier agrees, saying he wouldn't be surprised if Mikkayla is the next person booted off the show.

Rohan also tipped Tahan because of her conflict with sisters Katie and Lucy, while Xavier reckoned Jade and Tim would also be in the firing line.

Both are backing former flight attendant Ben to win the show.

"I think that people nominated him (last week) because he constantly said he wouldn't survive on the other side (in the halfway house)," Xavier said.

"But now that he's flourished on the other side, people want him to succeed. Everyone in the house admires him. He's proven he's a lot stronger than he thought he was."

Xavier believes the "quirkiness" of Ben and Sydney surfer Tim will survive amongst what Tim has described as the "meatheads and models".

"Australia is smart enough to realise that you don't have to be beautiful to win this competition," he said.

"It's down to personality, that's why Ben can go on, to win. He doesn't fit the mould. He has more of a story to tell than someone who's just superficially attractive."

But Rohan reckons Tim's pot stirring will get him in trouble.

"Tim's very open about being a pot stirrer," he said.

"He's all about having fun and rocking the house when it's seeming to be too comfortable, but I think that might come back to bite him in the bum a little bit."

Big Brother nominations air tonight at 7pm on Channel 9/WIN.

Then on Wednesday night the housemates will be in for a surprise when the barrier dividing the house will be removed, uniting them for the first time.

Xavier from Big Brother.
Xavier from Big Brother. Paul Broben

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