Police death suspicions confirmed

SEVERAL motorists have backed up police suspicions that Lockyer Valley man Michael Manson was involved in a roadside fight before he was killed and dumped near Atkinson Dam.

Detectives, uniformed police and SES volunteers set up under spotlights on the side of Coominya Connection Road, about 2km west of Coominya township, from 8pm Wednesday night.

Parked on the opposite side of the road were two vehicles – one of them Mr Manson's dark blue Ford Falcon ute and the other a silver Holden Commodore sedan similar to the one police believe was also in the area on the night Mr Manson was murdered.

Police were hoping the sight of the two cars would jog the memory of anyone who happened to pass through the area at the time of Mr Manson's disappearance.

Every motorist travelling in or out of Coominya Wednesday night was flagged down and asked if they had seen either of the vehicles parked at that location either late at night on December 8 or early December 9.

While most of the few dozen drivers that passed through were unable to help, police said five motorists confirmed they had seen at least one of the vehicles by the side of Coominya Connection Road a fortnight earlier.

Police believe Mr Manson, 48, was involved in a physical altercation near Coominya before being loaded into the back of his own ute and driven to a dirt track near Bolingbroke Road, Atkinson Dam, where his body was discovered on December 10.

Acting Detective Inspector Mick Trezise said the roadside appeal was a success and police would progress with other aspects of the investigation.

Police are still investigating a possible link between the murder of Mr Manson and that of Buaraba man Carl Upson, who was found shot dead in his home on Mt Mulgowie Road, near Esk, on December 16.

Anyone with information that could assist police should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.

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