MULTIPLE reports have come in of what is thought to be a meteor that passed over the Ipswich region about 8pm last night.

Facebook is alive with comments from people along the coast of Queensland who witnessed the light show.

The meteor was seen from Sydney to Rockhampton. Sightings have been reported in Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg and Maryborough.

People have reported that the amazing sight seemed very close, and it looked like a "huge star with lots of little stars behind it".

The meteor blazed across the sky at around 7.50pm-8pm heading in a south-west direction, with reports of it breaking into four pieces before fizzling out.

But last night's action wasn't just confined to Australia. There were reports of a possible meteorite strike in Canada: Canada reports

Also yesterday NASA recorded the fly-by of a near-earth asteroid.

Meanwhile, another reader has pointed to another website that forecast a space object re-entering the earth's atmosphere. See this here: Space Object

Then there is the small mater of Comet Ison

Did you see last night's light show? Leave your comments on this story or our Facebook page.

If you have a photo or video of the event, you can submit it here.

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