Solicitor Michael Kilmartin.
Solicitor Michael Kilmartin.

Backlash and praise for lawyer who spoke out for men

ON WEDNESDAY we featured a story from Gold Coast family law expert Michael Kilmartin and his belief that men were not getting a fair shake in the Family Law Court.

In that story he said there should be an urgent rethink of a mindset weighted against men in family law proceedings.

Mr Kilmartin said many male clients voiced the concern that they were always painted as the villain in divorce and parenting custody matters and women wanting to score easy points over their ex would cite violence or other intimidatory claims to win in court, with "the system" tending to side with them.

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Mr Kilmartin, a family lawyer at Adams Wilson Lawyers, said he expected to draw flak for his views but it was time someone spoke up.

"This is not and should not be a male versus female thing, it's not gender-bashing but the reality is despite an official equality, our family law system is very female- focused and, frankly, unbalanced.

"I have had countless male clients say they feel they are unfairly painted as the bad guy in every step of the separation or shared parenting process. They certainly feel there's a lack of balance in family law proceedings.

"From my perspective as a family lawyer I am very aware of a perceived attitude against men during divorce and custody negotiations which manifests in every step of the process, even in the Family Court.

"There's an obsession with the "child attachment theory" which holds that children prefer to be with their mums as the primary carer and the courts tend to agree with this view."

While he expected backlash for his comments he in fact received support and praise for his stand.

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Posted by QT - The Queensland Times on Tuesday, July 28, 2015


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