FRESH FACES:Ipswich Hospital welcomes the new doctor interns for 2018.
FRESH FACES:Ipswich Hospital welcomes the new doctor interns for 2018. David Nielsen

Meet the new doctors at Ipswich Hospital

THIRTY-five new interns have joined the ranks at Ipswich Hospital.

The new budding medical professionals are among 749 ushered into Queensland Health this month, as part of their training.

First, the newbies will finish an intensive one week orientation program, then begin caring for the community.

The interns will rotate through a variety of units including general medicine, surgery, emergency medicine and other specialised areas.

West Moreton Health Interim Executive Director Medical Services Dr Eleri Carrahar said Ipswich Hospital would provide the new crop of interns with a solid foundation to start their medical careers.

"We pride ourselves on offering a solid, nurturing and personalised internship program to allow our interns every opportunity to succeed," Dr Carrahar said.

The interns studied at universities including The University of Queensland, James Cook, Bond and Griffith University, as well as two universities in New South Wales and Western Australia.

Dr Nathan Day, one of the interns, moved from Northern Queensland to join the program at West Moreton Hospital and Health Service.  

"While studying at JCU (James Cook University) I heard a lot of positive things about the program down here and thought it could be a good change for me," Dr Day said.   

"Everyone I've spoken to has said how they get a lot of hands-on experience here and really felt like they make a personal difference in people's lives.  

One of the new Ipswich Hospital interns, Dr Nathan Day.
One of the new Ipswich Hospital interns, Dr Nathan Day.

"It's a really good bunch of interns and the Medical Education team have been really supportive in helping us find our feet this week."  

Dr Day will begin his internship year in the orthopaedic ward.   

Each intern will complete five rotations across the service this year.

"Every intern will complete three core rotations in general medicine, general surgery and emergency medicine," Dr Carrahar said.

"The other two rotations will be completed in specialised clinical areas such as Mental Health, Palliative Care, Geriatrics, Cardiology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Ear Nose and Throat and Urology."

"These rotations will give the interns a chance to explore their interests and give them the knowledge, skills and experience they need to build their careers."

This year a new program, Resilience on the Run, has been introduced to help support interns as they enter the workforce.

"The new interns will be introduced to an exciting, challenging and fast-paced work environment and we want to make sure they have the support they need," Dr Carrahar said.

Ipswich Hospital is a fully accredited Intern training facility and was successfully re-accredited by Queensland Prevocational Medical Education Accreditation in 2017 to oversee intern training until the end of 2021.

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