Couple brings books to you

MANY people know those books and other products that are for sale in the office staff room or at reception, but may not know what and who is behind this convenient service.

The overarching organisation is Lifetime Distributors, a franchised organisation and the largest display marketing direct to customer company in Australia and New Zealand.

Lifetime Distributors is an Australian-developed franchise that has been operating since 1990.

Kerri and Dennis Reynolds have just taken over the local franchise from Sven and Pam Floris, who had owned it since May 2004.

It is now the number one franchise for Lifetime Distributors Queensland and rated in the top five nationally out of more than 120 franchises.

"It is well known in the Ipswich area, and Sven and Pam have built it up to 700 customers since they started out," Mrs Reynolds said.

The product range includes cookbooks, children's books, novels and biographies.

It also has children's toys and some gift items. All the products are new and are the same as can be found in major retail stores.

"The big difference is that we are 50 to 70% cheaper, and that is because we buy in large quantities. The books are from well-known authors," Mrs Reynolds said.

"I am passionate about books and this business allows my husband and I to work from home."

Yesterday the Reynolds family took control and will be supported by the former owners for about a month.

"They want to travel now and we are so grateful that they have supported us as they have," Mrs Reynolds said.

While online buying and reading of books is popular, there is no doubt from the success of Lifetime Distributors that people still like to get the real thing.

"This was the big question that we asked coming into the business, and the research shows that cookbooks and children's books are not big on e-books," Mrs Reynolds said.

"People want the printed version. Most women like to have the book in front of them when they are cooking.

"We usually have eight or nine items that we display along with two non-book items.

"They are left for two weeks and we leave an order form with our display, and on each visit we collect the payment and leave the products."

Mrs Reynolds said the majority of businesses were happy to have stock on their premises and the service did not impact on the host business.

The company donates five cents from each product sold to the Make a Wish Foundation, and last year was able to give the foundation $150,000.

Check out the range online at or call the local agents on 0408 878 717.

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