Meet our mummas: Susie

House Call Doctor

AUSTRALIAN swimming legend Susie O'Neill is the host of Hey Mumma. With two children, Madame Butterfly has as much to say as any other mum when it comes to the rollercoaster of motherhood. 

Persona: Australian champion swimmer

Age: 42

Lives: Brisbane


How would you describe being a mum? Rewarding, but hard work. I couldn't imagine my life without my kids. The house seems empty when they are not there.

What advice would you give to other mums out there who struggle with the same issues as you? Everything passes. The things you are worrying about now they will grow out of. Then there will be new things to worry about.

Tell us about an embarrassing moment that has happened to you in the past with your kids? We were in the supermarket years ago when my kids were toddlers. We were lining up at the checkout behind a dark-skinned man. My daughter, Alix, yelled at me "Look Mum!  A chocolate man!"

What's the one issue you grapple with internally regarding your life and kids? How much time to have just for me (that includes work things) - and how not to feel guilty about that.

Who has shaped you as a person/been influential in your life? My parents. And also my first swimming coach, Mr Wakefield.

Who is your idol and why? Don't really have an idol, but I try to look at people who I think are doing things well and copy certain aspects of their life.