OPINION: Media packs should learn some manners

IF anyone was watching the Channel Nine news bulletin on Monday night they would have seen a young female reporter getting a lit cigarette pushed into her face.

The idea that someone would even think to do such a thing is repulsive to say the least. But before we hang and crucify the person who did this let's look at the circumstances.

The incident occurred outside of the Caboolture Magistrates court and involved a supporter of a woman accused of a fatal stabbing on the weekend.

As she left the courtroom this woman was mobbed by a baying pack of young reporters as they pushed and fought their way to stick their microphones in front of her face.

Ignoring her plea to be left alone they shouted out their questions over the top of each other trying to get the sound bite they were all clamouring for.

Unfortunately the incident was one we see all too often these days.

A media pack chasing someone down the street as they leave court plays out at every major court case in every capital city.

The young reporters barely out of school have been told that this is what you have to do.

Well I am sorry, it is not what they have to do, especially when it involves a person who was only in court to support a friend.

These street attacks by journalists and cameramen are an embarrassment to all in the media.


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