Photo of the 2020 Holden Colorado
Photo of the 2020 Holden Colorado

Mechanic’s advice: Think before you buy that Holden

AN Ipswich mechanic has urged motorists to think carefully before buying a Holden, saying resale value could be greatly reduced in the future with the iconic brand set to be retired in Australia.

An end of an era in Holden country was clear with dealership Llewellyn Motors recently taking down its longstanding signage.

Andrew McClure, who owns Andrew McClure Mechanical - Bosch Car Service in Raceview, said any issues with sourcing parts would only become a problem a decade down the track.

“The aftermarket for Holden has always been pretty good and that will still be there,” he said.

“All your service items are always pretty good anyway, so filters, brakes, steering components are always readily available.

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“It’s probably down the track when you might need computers … the only thing that will be left is second hand.

“Any fixtures will become problems. If a door handle breaks or (you need a) dash component - any of that type of stuff will be wiped out and only available second hand which will become a problem.

“That’s still realistically 10 years away. Short term, everything is still going to tick over reasonably OK until that stock runs out.”

Mr McClure, who has worked as a mechanic for 37 years, said he has plenty of clients who drive Holdens and believed the brand had faltered over the past decade.

While the Commodore and the Colorado are still very popular, it was the rest of the range which caused problems.

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“In my opinion the demise of Holden wasn’t so much the Commodore, it was every other car over the last 10 years,” he said.

“The old saying was anything that ended in ‘a’ in the Holden range was pretty ordinary.

“They weren’t a really good car.”

Mr McClure recommended people look elsewhere if they are on the hunt for a new car unless you can snag a fantastic deal.

“I’d probably say start to look somewhere else,” he said.

“Unfortunately if you do own a Holden, your resell value is probably halved.

“People just aren’t going to buy them second hand unless they’re really cheap.

“I certainly wouldn’t be buying one unless it was a fantastic price and you knew by the end of it you’re going to get nothing for it.”

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