Meat pies and scotch fillet a recipe for prison

MEAT pie and scotch fillet was on the menu for an Ipswich man who nicked the food in two separate offences, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard on this morning.

Jack David Gavin Orr pleaded guilty to 12 charges while in custody in court, including stealing, fraud and unlawful use of a vehicle.

The court heard Orr bought $78 worth of goods, including two meat pies and smoking products, using a stolen credit card, from a petrol station at 3.30am on January 14.

Orr and two other people were travelling a ute stolen from the same home the credit card was stolen from in a burglary earlier the same night.

"We say that the ute was being unlawfully used at the time," police prosecutor Paul Caldwell told the court.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said his client was not charged with the burglary or for stealing the car.

It came after Orr and a co-accused attended Lowood IGA in November 2015 and stuffed two trays of scotch fillet valued at $25 down their pants.

Mr Caldwell told the court the co-accused was confronted about the theft and returned the meat but Orr left without paying, later telling police he was only assisting in the process.

Scotch fillet wasn't the only thing Orr stole by hiding in his pants, with the defendant using pliers to break a rose gold Apple iPhone valued at $1059 from security at a BigW store and stashing it in his shorts.

Mr Caldwell said Orr used pliers from within the store to break the iPhone free threw them in a bush when he left the store.

Orr told police he intended to return the phone.

The defendant was also charged for driving unlicensed at Lowood in December last year, when he told police a false name, and for stealing $55 worth of fuel from a Redbank business.

The court heard Orr used two credit cards which were both declined, and left the store without paying.

He told police he didn't have enough money and intended to go back to the store to pay for the fuel on his pay day.

"It was relatively unsophisticated, low level examples of stealing," Mr Fairclough said.

Orr pleaded guilty to three counts of failing to appear in court, two counts of stealing and one count each of fraud, receiving tainted property, unauthorised dealing with shop goods, contravening a direction of police, driving without a licence, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and possessing a drug utensil.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said she recognised it was not suggested Orr was the primary offender.

She sentenced him to 200 days imprisonment but declared 215 days pre-sentence custody.

Orr was ordered to pay $67.52 restitution.

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