McCulkins murder accused denied bail again

ONE of the men accused of a triple murder has been denied bail for a second time after a prison manager promised to give him more time with his lawyers.

Gary Reginald Dubois yesterday applied for bail in Brisbane Supreme Court claiming the Brisbane Correctional Centre had been denying him access to his lawyer and that prosecution evidence was too weak for him to remain behind bars.

Mr Dubois is facing three murder charges over the deaths of 34-year-old Barbara McCulkin and daughters Vicki, 13, and Leanne, 11, in 1974. The court heard Mr Dubois has been charged as a party to the crime with co-accused Vincent O'Dempsey alleged to have killed the McCulkins.

Mr Dubois, formerly of Hervey Bay, and Mr O'Dempsey are alleged to have buried the three bodies near Warwick.

An affidavit from Mr Dubois' lawyer Peter Saggers said he had been unable to secure time to see his client and had resorted to getting Mr Dubois to appear in person for court appearances in order to speak to him.

The court heard Mr Dubois's lawyers in October last year had requested more time with him because of the serious charges he faced and had received no response.

Brisbane Correctional Centre general manager Bernie Kruhse told the court he had not seen the request or a subsequent request from a court to allow Mr Dubois' lawyers more time.

Mr Kruhse told the court he would personally ensure Mr Dubois' lawyers were granted extended visiting hours.

Justice Debra Mullins told Mr Kruhse she was concerned the lawyers were not being given proper access to speak to their clients.

But in denying Mr Dubois bail, Justice Mullins said contradictory evidence was a matter for the jury.

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