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IPSWICH VOTES: Jack scores top spot in ballot draw

TWO last-minute contenders have entered what will be an 11-candidate race for mayor in the August 19 by-election.

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With the deadline for registrations falling at noon yesterday, Dallas Klass and Ken Salter threw their hats into the ring, adding to an already diverse mix of candidates.

It was former Ipswich West MP Jack Paff who was all smiles at the ballot draw. He received the number one spot on the Ipswich mayoral ballot paper.

Who will get your vote in the 2017 Ipswich City Council election for mayor?

This poll ended on 18 August 2017.

Current Results

Jack Paff


Paul Rix


Peter Robinson


Gary Duffy


Brett Morrissey


Cr Paul Tully


Cr Andrew Antoniolli


Patricia Petersen


Ken Salter


Peter Luxton


Dallas Klass


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The draw, held in the Ipswich City Council's Humanities Building and attended by Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) commissioner Walter van der Merwe, confirmed the order the 11 candidates will appear on the August 19 ballot paper.

Mr Paff was the first name to come out of a zipped up bag.

The zip got stuck for a moment as the expectation built, and then there was a healthy dose of humour. As the first envelope was being opened Cr Tully quipped 'Donald Trump' to break the ice.

But it was Mr Paff who was drawn out and dealt the trump card of number one on the ballot.


"I think number one is an advantage," Mr Paff said.

"Somebody told me that 11% of the vote falls on number one from people who don't know the candidates and don't get too heavily involved in elections.

"I hope the people do care because I think it is important people are involved in the democratic process."

Mr Paff said he was up to the job if elected mayor.

"It is a job I am energised to do and I have the sincerity to do," he said.

Wife Lyn was proud as punch of her 79-year-old husband for having a crack at the city's top job.

"I thought 'do you really need to?' because I have just retired from work and I thought we would do some travelling," she said.

"But so many people rang us and came around to the house and said 'give it a go'.

"Now I am right behind him.

"I am very happy. He deserves it, and I just hope he wins," she said of her husband's 'number one' draw.

The full order of the ballot was as follows: 1. Jack Paff, 2. Paul Rix, 3. Peter Robinson, 4. Gary Duffy, 5. Brett Morrissey, 6. Cr Paul Tully, 7. Cr Andrew Antoniolli, 8. Patricia Petersen, 9. Ken Salter, 10. Peter Luxton, 11. Dallas Klass.


SO IT BEGINS: Ipswich mayoral candidates Brett Morrissey and Peter Luxton at the ballot paper draw.
SO IT BEGINS: Ipswich mayoral candidates Brett Morrissey and Peter Luxton at the ballot paper draw. David Nielsen

It was a like a Woodstock love-in down at the draw... well, maybe not quite. The candidates were all dressed for a start.

But it was great to see them mingling, chatting and sharing some light hearted moments.

The QT asked Cr Tully whether the number six had any significance in his life.

"I turned six once," Cr Tully quipped, with a big grin.

Cr Antoniolli drew number seven, the same number as the division he represents.

Ken Salter, a late entry in the race, was happy with his number nine.

A former rugby league player, Mr Salter played footy when the second-rowers wore nine and 10, rather than the 11 and 12 they do today.

"So I am happy with nine," he said.

Mr Rix, trim, taut and terrific in a T-shirt, looked like the fittest mayoral candidate the QT saw at the draw.

"I certainly am," he grinned.


Ipswich mayoral candidates Jack Paff and Cr Paul Tully await the ballot paper draw.
Ipswich mayoral candidates Jack Paff and Cr Paul Tully await the ballot paper draw. David Nielsen

The QT drove past Mr Rix's printing business and noted his own mayoral signs and some for Mr Paff alongside them, and there is an explanation for that.

"Jack has moved into the shop next to us so he has an office right next to mine... but he is a nice man," Mr Rix chuckled.

"I am excited about the campaign.

"I haven't put 100% in yet, but I will be upping the ante."

Mr Duffy said he was happy to be drawn in fourth spot.

"It is a good place to be in the ballot," Mr Duffy said.

"I am really looking forward to (the campaign) and now the real work starts.

"The best part about this process is we have 11 fantastic candidates and we are seeing real democracy at work.

"We are going to have a really good and honest election and I think it is going to be a fantastic ballot for 120,000 people to come and make a choice between 11 people."

Mr Luxton said he was looking forward to his fourth Ipswich mayoral election.

"It is an 11-horse race and I am just glad to see so many people participating," he said.

Cr Tully is contesting his 13th local government election and has won 12 in a row.

"If you were betting on red at casino you'd probably think it wouldn't come up again, but I am pretty confident.

"This is actually my 14th public election, because I stood for the Constitutional Convention in Canberra and was elected by the people of Queensland to be a delegate there in 1998.

"I've never lost... maybe famous last words.

"But I wake up on the dark winter mornings now pretty happy and pretty confident."

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