Mayoral candidates ignore senior vote at their peril

TWO weeks from today, Ipswich votes for a new mayor to lead this city into the future.

Who will you be voting for?

With 11 candidates, it is a difficult decision, especially given the short time to try to understand what policies each candidate has to offer.

What qualities in a candidate will you be looking for to help you make your choice?

A couple of the contenders have considerable local government experience whilst a few others claim to be successful business people.

But whoever takes your fancy, make sure you carefully consider your choice.

After all this is a very important decision we as a community must make.

It is not something that we should take lightly.

I want to know from each what their personal achievements have been over the past few years that has directly affected the Ipswich community.

But to date not one has made any mention of Ipswich seniors. After all, it is us seniors who have developed and made this city what it is today.

We are the ones who have been the glue that holds the fabric of Ipswich society together. If our civic leaders do not recognise this, then we should not recognise them.

What activities and volunteering have they undertaken in the community?

Do they have the leadership qualities and skills to make me want to vote for them?

All of the candidates will puff up their chests and tell you what they will do if elected. But let's face it, their vote is only one vote in the full council meeting.

So what they say during the election campaign may not be able to be implemented if they are elected.

The other thing about local government elections is that our voting system is operated under the optional preferential voting system.

This means that you can just put the number one in the square against the name of the candidate you choose and leave the rest blank.

You can also exercise your preference by then placing a number two against the person you prefer if your first choice is eliminated from the count, and so forth.

So you really need to thoughtfully consider your choice of candidate and your preference.

I will think carefully at what each thinks about our senior citizens.

On Saturday, August 19, make your vote count.

Vote for the person you believe, after due consideration and research, will lead this city into the future, someone with leadership qualities, not someone who can just deliver the rhetoric they think we want to hear.

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