Mayor makes waves

SUNSHINE Coast Mayor Bob Abbot might have been “sceptical” about how jobs advice from Ipswich counterpart Paul Pisasale would help his region - but his residents think otherwise.

Speaking to the Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper yesterday, Cr Pisasale said he was willing to give free advice to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and local businesses about economic development.

But Cr Abbot gave the offer a lukewarm response, leaving the Sunshine Coast Daily website bombarded with complaints from residents keen for their council to take the free advice.

The Sunshine Coast has been shedding jobs since the start of the global financial crisis, while Ipswich has been steadily improving its unemployment rate.

More than 80 per cent of people polled on the website said the Sunshine Coast should take advice from Ipswich.

Cr Pisasale said he was happy to hear of the support from Sunshine Coast residents, but stressed he did not want to tell Bob Abbot how to do his job.

“I'm happy to learn from Bob Abbot, I've learnt from people all over the world - sharing knowledge is a great thing,” Cr Pisasale said.

“I have been paid to speak at a lot of conferences, but I'm offering to speak to the Sunshine Coast business community and council for free.”

The majority of readers bemoaned Cr Abbot's lack of interest in at least listening to what Cr Pisasale had to say.

“My solution is Paul Pisasale for Mayor of the (real) Sunshine Coast,”'community member' from Warana said.

“This man cares about the people ... he gets things done, end of debate. This is the type of attitude that will never see improvements throughout the Sunshine Coast. Grow up, and if nothing else - listen!” commented 'Queenzlander'.

However, not all readers were keen on their council taking up Cr Pisasale's offer.

“You have to be joking - he comes from the western suburbs of Brisbane and has no idea of the Sunshine Coast issues,” said 'impact from onthecoast'.

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