Sweeping and cotton picking: The road to mayor's office

A caricature of Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.
A caricature of Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.

MUCH like many other 'firsts', you never forget your first job.

And whether you have fond memories of it or not, chances are it taught you something.

The Queensland Times has asked some of the most successful people in Ipswich to share some of their first job experiences.

Each week, a different community figure will reveal how they earned money for the first time - no matter how embarrassing the work might have been.

Paul Pisasale: Ipswich Mayor 

LONG before he was the mayor of our city Paul Pisasale was earning pocket money by cleaning up construction sites.

"When I was 15-years old, I wanted to earn some cash so I got a job working for Marty Doyle Constructions," he said.

"I worked on the weekends and swept up the mess after each construction project."

When on site, Cr Pisasale said he preferred to wear a carpenter's belt so that he looked like one of the construction crew.

On one occasion, someone mistook him for a tradesman and asked him for a quote on some demolition work.

Cr Pisasale kept up the charade and told the gentlemen what he thought a fair price would be, completely unaware of what it would actually cost.

The 62-year-old said his resume of past employment was long and eclectic; from picking cotton to working as a night filler at Woolworths.

"At one stage I had a job as a teller for the Bank of NSW and had the opportunity to pursue a career there," he said.

"But that job wasn't for me...I wanted a line of work that allowed me to get out in the community and interact with people."

Cr Pisasale said whether he was working at Woolies or working as mayor of Ipswich each job was important.

"With each job, I've gained not only work experience but also valuable life experience along the way," he said.


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