Mayor says to Swan: Show me the money

Treasurer Wayne Swan
Treasurer Wayne Swan Kari Bourne

PLENTY of promises, lots of support but no financial pledge - the Norman Street Bridge is now on the election agenda.

As reported in yesterday's QT, Mayor Paul Pisasale pushed the second CBD vehicle bridge when Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan was in Ipswich on Tuesday.

Mr Swan clearly got the mayor's message.

Although it was incorrectly reported that the Treasurer Swan had guaranteed "federal dollars", Mr Swan said a bid for cash to build the bridge would receive his full attention.

"The Federal Labor Government are big supporters of Ipswich and have a strong record of delivering for the region," Mr Swan said yesterday.

"Local MPs Shayne Neumann and Bernie Ripoll are both vocal advocates for their communities down in Canberra, helping deliver projects like the major $3 billion Ipswich Motorway upgrade.

"Shayne Neumann has fully briefed me on the importance of the Norman St bridge project.

"The project will be fully considered once Ipswich City Council make a formal submission to both the Queensland and Federal governments."

Mr Neumann said: "The Norman Street Bridge proposal of the Ipswich City Council is to be applauded. I have and will support this proposal."

Mayor Pisasale showed his political timing yesterday.

"Now the election has been announced, the battle is going to heat up and in consultation with the people of Ipswich, I'll be putting forward a shopping list for the city," he said.

"With the Norman Street Bridge I've already made an approach to the Treasurer and Shayne Neumann. They've both given us support for the bridge but no dollar commitment.

"We don't want promises, it's just a case of show me the money. We looking forward to that from both sides of politics."

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