Lockyer Valley mayor Steve Jones
Lockyer Valley mayor Steve Jones

Mayor sickened by Facebook attacks

AN offensive and homophobic online campaign has been launched against Lockyer Valley mayor Steve Jones.

A Facebook profile, purporting to be Cr Jones, has been established containing a number of homophobic slurs and calls Lockyer Valley voters "idiots."

Cr Jones, who does not have a Facebook page, said he had issued a formal complaint to the Toowoomba Criminal Investigation Branch.

"It was just disgusting," Cr Jones said. "It reads as if it was written by me, which is ridiculous. Who would write something like that about themselves?"

With Cr Jones not running a social media campaign, he said he believed it could be found by people looking for information on him.

"The man running against me for mayor has a Facebook page with his credentials.

"If someone goes onto that, they're probably going to think 'why don't I look at Steve Jones' page.' Now I don't have a Facebook page, but there is this one there.

"Obviously it's not me. I don't think anyone would believe someone would write that about themselves. But it's a disgusting page to have your name on."

Cr Jones said while the site had been politically motivated he did not believe it was created by anyone running against him.

"There are strong links with the way it's put together and certain other documents I've seen.

"I understand the deal - when you're in politics, you're going to wear a bit of crap, but when things like that come out that are just offensive it's disgraceful.

"My wife doesn't want to read that sort of crap, that's the issue that really concerns me about this."

Toowoomba CIB confirmed they were investigating a "serious matter" regarding a complaint received by Cr Jones.

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