Mayor hopeful pulls out and backs another candidate

MAYOR hopeful Gary Duffy has pulled the pin on his campaign for the top job and will instead contest division four.

Mr Duffy, who was one of the first candidates to put up his hand, tonight announced his decision not to stand for mayor due to health concerns relating to an operation he had last year.

His statement in full is below:



Gary Duffy.
Gary Duffy.



I have said and it is in the papers and media that last year I had an operation on my neck, I was at a forum last Thursday, I started to lose my voice again while talking, this is just a small thing, but it is a big thing for a person hoping to stand for the position as Mayor and represent the entire community on the worlds stage.

It would be disrespectful of me to the community if I was elected and did lose my voice for just a day.

A new Ipswich Mayor will have a huge workload and will be in heavy negotiations with many groups, and I could not guarantee 100% that I could fulfil this position over the next month or so or that I would not have a voice issue.

This is why I have decided not to run for Mayor and instead run for Division 4, a Division where I have a very strong connection and a Division where I would achieve the best outcomes for the residents.

I am across almost every issue in Division 4 and have in the past door knocked thousands of homes.

Many people in Ipswich are still not ready to hear the truth about what happened in Ipswich. We are on a journey of positive change and our future is looking very good, if we vote for the people who have a proven passion and commitment to the community and are entitled to receive your vote due to their proven hard work and honesty.

After many decades of cover up's, lies, arrests and lengthy jail terms, this should tell us that this election is all about families and our region and a positive future.

However, I am seeing more of the same, with the ALP and supporters now pushing their Card-Carrying Candidates and an army of hateful people trying to bring good people down who want to honestly represent the greater Ipswich Community.

The mob rule has been going on for years and was previously funded by the previous councillors back door payments, this is why our city has been in constant chaos.

There are some good candidates running in this local election but I'm afraid as usual they are not being heard because of the chaos that is going on.

At all times I said that I would stand aside if there was a person who could change things and take our region forward, in fact I would support such a person 100%, my belief is that Teresa Harding would be the Best person for that Job and Ipswich will be in safe hands.

I would like to thank all my supporters and I have confidence in knowing that they will support this decision.

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