Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale. Sarah Harvey

Councillors are next pollies in line for a big pay rise

IPSWICH mayor Paul Pisasale says he and his fellow councillors won't necessarily get a massive pay rise similar to State MPs.

He is consulting with the Local Government Association of Queensland to determine where councils such as Ipswich stand.

Queensland's Members of Parliament are in line for a 41 per cent pay rise after Crown Law advice that a pay freeze for MPs introduced by Labor in 2008 was illegal.

But the mayor yesterday cast doubt on whether the pay bonanza would flow on to councillors despite their wages being tied to MP's pay.

Under normal circumstances, the Ipswich mayor's pay is calculated as 125% of a State MP's pay, the deputy mayor 85% and the other councillors 75%.

But the mayor said he understood the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal determined councillors' pay according to a reference rate not state MP's salaries, although they were related.

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"Because local government remuneration is set by the tribunal by reference to the reference rate, which they alone determine, there is no automatic increase if state members' salaries go up,' he said.

"At the moment LGAQ have advised me they are still taking advice from the tribunal, crown law and King and Company regarding the issue and its impacts."

He also pointed to the statement last December from the Tribunal chairman Adrian Bloomfield announcing a 2.5% remuneration levels increase for councillors this year.

"In the Tribunal's review, an increase of 2.5% constitutes a moderate and affordable increase at a time of continuing financial and economic uncertainty in Queensland, Australia, and internationally," Mr Bloomfield said.

"It also reflects the cautious approach the Tribunal has adopted, since it was established in 2007, to the setting of remuneration levels for Local Government elected representatives."

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