THE Mary River crocodile has been spotted for the first time in three months - and commercial fishermen are warning it may not be alone.

Garry Whittaker said he had seen the croc in the Beaver Rock area several times in the past couple of weeks, most recently while prawning about a kilometre upstream of the boat ramp in the early hours of the morning.

"It hangs out (several metres from) the back of the boat," he said.

"I see its eyes glow red in the headlights."

Mr Whittaker said he and other fisherman believed it was one of three crocs currently in the river.

"There are two being seen together now," he said.

"Two are the colour of the mud, one's a bit darker."

He said despite the new crocodile warning signs at the boat ramp, people were not being careful.

"I still see kids playing in the water at the boat ramp.

"A lot of people go out in tiny, low-sided dinghies.

"People don't believe that there are crocodiles around."

Wildlife rangers have been trying to catch the elusive Mary River croc for more than a year, but packed up their trap ahead of the cooler months.

Rebecca Williams from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection said they had no evidence of there being more than one croc - but they weren't ruling it out.

People should exercise caution, especially around the Beaver Rock boat ramp area and Saltwater Creek.

Crocodile sightings can be reported on 1300 130 372.

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