Marburg to help young people

MARBURG is about to be given the green light to conduct official trials with a criteria based on the highly effective club trial format, currently used in Victoria.

Trainers using these trials will be able to have bars lifted from horses, which have been stood down for intractable or unsatisfactory performances.

Horses will be able to qualify to commence or resume racing.

Importantly, aspiring C drivers will be able to gain approved drives towards their B ticket in a convenient weekend time slot.

The development comes as the Marburg Pacing Association prepares to host the Harriott Memorial day at the Showgrounds.

Today's meeting has it all for the country trot fan. It just needs you to enjoy the day with your family.

Trials begin at 11am with the first race at 12.30pm.

Adults are $5, pensioners and members $3 with kids under 16 free.

The $3 entry gets you that all important race book with its entry coupon for the $100 "pick the last four'' competition and $500 "funny money'' to bet with the bookie.

Today's real money bookmaker will be Stephen Anthony catering to the serious punters on the local trots and major gallops meetings.

Sky Channel screens will keep the gallops fans up to the mark.

Back on the subject on official trials, the following are young drivers from this area who have recently completed the Racing Queensland licence course.

  • Lachlan Manzelmann: Just obtained his C grade trials licence and has had a couple of trials. Lachlan broke the ice a week or so back with two drives for Pete McMullen at Albion Park. With a win and a second already on the board, he thinks that trials at Marburg will help a lot more people than himself. Originally from Mackay, Lachie has trotting blood on both sides of his family. Exposure to mini-trotters helped the lad to handle the big shift.
  • Justin Elkins: Has his C grade trials licence but is not yet trialling. Justin was not available for interview. However, his father - Calvert based trainer/driver Greg Elkins - said that the trials would be a big plus for all the small trainers. "Justin is still at school, and to attend trials at Albion Park in the Tuesday daytime slot or Redcliffe Wednesday before the first race involved loss of school time,'' Greg said. "To have trialling facilities with in 20 kilometres of home on the weekend is the best option by far.''
  • Kelsey Schulz: Has her C grade trials licence but is not yet trailling. Kelsey thinks that convenience of locality and timeslot are the big winners, but feels that the people at Marburg really look after the newcomers. "There is excellent feed back from fellow trainers and drivers,'' she said.
  • Tayla Gillespie: Has just recently obtained her B Grade trainers licence. "I have two horses in work, and trials at Marburg means big savings in time and fuel for me,'' Tayla said. "Also no time loss at work. I think that trialling is a big part of a horses regime - you find out where their fitness level is at.''
  • Jessie Capewell: Has recently obtained her B Grade trainers and also her C grade trials licence. Jessie is very pleased with the idea of the weekend timeslot. The 20 year old juggles work, a university course and a couple of horses in work, and says that official trials at Marburg would make her life so much easier and speed up her progress towards the B driver's licence.

The Marburg Pacing Association is keen to assist these young people on their way to the B licence.

It is difficult at this time for any young person who does not have a direct connection to a large stable, either through family or employment, to gain a licence in a reasonable time frame.

Hopefully the battlers of Marburg will be able to look after their own.

While gathering the above information, it became apparent that there is much to be gained by introducing kids to horses on a regular contact basis.

Horses bring routine and responsibility, factors which are likely to give kids a good start in life.


Aussie success

AUSTRALIAN pacer Arden Rooney won the New Zealand Cup.

Trainer/driver Kerryn Manning became the first woman to drive a new Zealand Cup winner matching Michelle Payne's feat a week earlier in the Melbourne Cup.

Owned by stable stalwarts, Merv and Meg Butterworth, Arden Rooney has also taken out Australia's premier stand start event the A. G. Hunter Cup since being transferred from the Purdon/Rasmussen team in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Another nice story from the New Zealand Cup day was the win of Spirit Eclipse.

High profile vet, Bill Bishop, had saved Spirit Eclipse from certain death after the giant gelding had broken a foreleg.

So impressed was Bishop with the horse's recovery that he formed a syndicate and the horse now races with his prize money going to the Ronald McDonald House charity for sick children.

There is a parallel from the USA perhaps in the 80's. Top trainer/ driver Robert G Farrington was severely injured in a race fall and was never expected to be seen in the sulky again.

Farrington was a religious man and credited his recovery to faith and divine help.

At the time he owned a promising pacer called Rambling Willie, and, in gratitude he donated Willie's earnings to his local church.

Rambling Willie, often referred to as "the horse that God loved'' retired at 14yo having provided the local church with $2 million.

It makes you think.


Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: Quinella 1-4: Supaliner (D. Graham) and Buy Chevron Direct (P. McMullen). R2: E/w 1: Major Coup (B. Barnes).

R3: E/w 1: Magic Oats (S. Graham). R4: E/w 12: Packnplenty (S. Graham).

R5: E/w 2: Cankickatarget (G. Dixon). R6: E/w 1: Bells Beach House (P. McMullen).

R7: quinella 4-11: Deano Robyn (G. Dixon) and Major Score (J. O'Shea). R8: Quinella 2-6: Bronze Ecstasy (A. Rees) and Sheza Shadow (M. Neilson).

R9: Quinella 1-8: Armazem (D. McMullen) and Rarin To Go (B. Cockburn). R10: Quinella 4-8: Shegoeswooshka (A. Richardson) and Goldplay (B. Cockburn).

Marburg picks for today: R1 - 1-2-6. R2: 2-1-3. R3: 1-5-4. R4: 10-3-8. R5: 2-1-3-7. R6: 3-2-1.


Honour board

PETE McMullen is top driver on five wins, shading Narissa McMullen on three. A much wider spread exists in the training department with Darrell Graham in front with three winners from John McMullen, Chantal McMullen, Adam Sanderson and Tess Neaves all with two apiece.

Gold Coast at Albion Park, November 6: Toasted (Narissa McMullen); Katesaroyal (Pete for Mick Grant); Tallyho Bromac (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).

Albion Park, November 7: Buy Chevron Direct (Pete for Chantal McMullen); Red Magic (Pete for Graham Gavin); Supaliner (Darrell Graham); Armazem (Danielle McMullen); Forty Seven Flash (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).

Albion Park, November 10-11: Saratoga (Ricky Thurlow for Adam Sanderson); Machbino (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves); Admiral Bronski (Hayden Barnes for Mick Grant); Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham); Shegoeswooshka (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).

Redcliffe, November 11: Feelgood Factor (Trent Moffat for Ron Sallis); Lynchman (Narissa for John McMullen); Darlyn Sea (Gary Litzow for Wendy Smart); Our Last Banner (Pete for Stewie Dickson); Gargarra (Gary Whitaker for Gary Thomas).

Gold Coast at Redcliffe, November 12: Prince Luna (Hayden Barnes for Dan Russell); Rummiking (Darrell Graham); Soldier Of Fortune (Pete for Chantal McMullen); Only One Slim (Narissa for John McMullen); Elliott Bromac (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith).

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