Trot Tactics: Marburg fit to host major day

IT'S not "D-day'' but it certainly is "IHF'' day.

Today, the divisional representatives of the Ipswich City Council are diving into their pockets to support the Ipswich Hospital foundation in a fundraiser.

The vehicle for this fun and excitement is the Marburg harness meeting.

It starts with trials at 11am, before moving to the race program at 12.45pm.

Five action-packed pacing events are set down, including the two final rounds of the Mitavite/Marburg Young Drivers Invitation Series.

Other features are the Ipswich Councillors Charity Day Stakes, Support Ipswich Hospital Foundation Stakes, Ipswich Smart City Handicap and the Mitavite Stakes.

There will be displays by SAQ, a group of talented horse people who re-home pacers and trotters when their racing careers are over.

Some lucky folk will win rides in the dual seater sulky (mini-trotters).

Ipswich Hospital Foundation's fitness team will be providing demonstrations of exercise routines throughout the afternoon.

The food is good, cheap and plentiful.

The bookie is there to look after the punters, fielding on the local trots and major gallops meetings, with Sky Channel screens to keep us up to date.

Make a day of it.

Call in at the Marburg Poet's Breakfast in the centre of Marburg village for openers, then head on up the road for the trots.


Key considerations

A SPECIAL meeting of the harness sport's participant group, Botra, last Monday night, heard an address from outgoing harness board chairman Greg Mitchell.

Mitchell accepted the wholesale dismissal of Queensland's racing control bodies in the wake of the greyhound cruelty scandal as a reasonable action under the circumstances, but pointed out that such occurrences are liable to follow any change of Government.

Mitchell, Warwick Stansfield and Brian Burke all put forward the view, that in their short tenure they were well on the way to turning the fortunes of Queensland harness racing from negative to positive.

Harness now held a 14.5% share of the wagering dollar.

They further claimed that the projected shortfall of $11 million on this year's across the board operations, which is projected to grow to $21 million in the following 12 months, is incorrect.

They claim that is a result of any one of a number of methods used to interpret a balance sheet.

This leads us to an important point for the Racing Minister Bill Byrne, the head of the independent board, Justice Muir and the KPMG restructurer Ian Hall to consider.

For a lengthy period of time control bodies have listed transparency as a prime factor in their dealings with participants.

It is to be hoped that the new broom approach will provide this.

This writer believes that there should be no information concerning racing matters that is not fit for the public domain. If that is not the case, then racing should hand the matter on to the relevant authority.


Close series

AS we go to the final two rounds of the Mitavite/Marburg Young Drivers Championship, a check of the competitors' standings in the point score may be an aid in the search for a winner.

Currently the order is: Stacey Weidemann 16, Hayden Barnes 15, Brittany Graham 11, Isobel Ross 9, Amy Rees 5, Matt Elkins 5, Michael Johnson 4, Nathan Dawson 0.

With a four race series spanning two race meetings more than a month apart it was inevitable that some fallout would occur.

Justin Storie, who was sitting equal third with Brittany Graham on 11 points, incurred the wrath of the stewards panel and is now under suspension.

Local rising star Nathan Dawson was kind enough to fill the gap left by Storie even though his chances are much diminished by starting today's rounds with zero points.

However, when drivers and horses are teamed up by pulling names from a hat, the eventual result can be surprising to say the least.


Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: E/w 4: Mind The Wire (H. Barnes).

R2: E/w 1: Aztec Bromac (D. Lee).

R3: E/w 1: Gentle Western (N. Rasmussen).

R4: Quinella 2-7 Majestic Mach (G. Dixon) and Avonnova (S. Graham).

R5: E/w 2: Fight For Glory (N. Rasmussen).

R6: Quinella 2-4: Timmo Time (A. Sanderson) and Catcha Lefty (S. Graham).

R7: E/w 8: Get In The Groove (T. Dixon).

R8: Box trifecta 1-2-5: Sharons Millicent (G. Dixon)-Its Three By Two (C. Sneddon)-Si Capisco (D. Graham).

R9: Quinella 1-3: Cotton Cold Candy (A. Sanderson) and Riverleigh Dolly (S. Doherty).

R10: E/w 9: Stayintowntonight (G. Whitaker).


Honour board

Pete McMullen took driving honours with nine wins for the seven days and his wife Chantal Turpin supported the effort with five of their equine participants getting home first.

Gold Coast at Albion Park, June 12: Lombo Ranmiles (Gary Whitaker for Mark Dux); Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees); Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Smidj Boy (Pete for Wayne Keyes).

Albion Park, June 13: Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Expressionist (Narissa McMullen for Shane Sanderson); Five Card Draw (Darrell Graham); Major Sam (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham); Si Capisco (Darrell Graham for Greg Eeles).

Albion Park, June 16: Cagney (Ken Belford); My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle); Expressionist (Shane Sanderson); Overlap Pete for Chantal Turpin); Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law); Whata Punt (Pete for John McMullen); Lancelot Bromac (Pete for Stewie Dickson).

Redcliffe, June 17: Jaylets Fury (Nathan Dawson for Gary Hancock); Leighs Delight (Jacob Wallace for Darrell Graham); My Mate Billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins); Gold Coast at Redcliffe; Won Delight (Shane Graham for Ken Belford); Drawing Away (Pete for Ron Sallis); Lachs Ambition (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Major Command (Chris Petroff for Rachel Scott); Dream Chapel (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin); Not Another De Jay (Brad Cowen for Ron Sallis); Champagne Dreams (Danielle McMullen for Ian Gurney); Mightycoldmary (Adam Richardson for Jason Carkeet).


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