A LOT can happen in two months - just ask Apple Tree Creek man Tex Reece, who lost his puppy, lost a leg and lost hope, all before a little miracle last week.

In response to a classified advertisement in the last edition of the Town and Country, an Apple Tree Creek retiree has been reunited with his four-legged friend two months after she bolted out the back gate.

Mr Reece and his wife Barb are happy to have her home again and said they could hardly believe she was not injured.

Now comfortably living the good life again on their McGibbons property, Mrs Reece said pup had settled back into her home.

It would bring a tear to your eye.

"On June 29, although I was having leg problems, Barbie and I left home and travelled to Agnes Water to pick up a new addition to the family - namely a nine-month-old whippet called Willow Rose," Mr Reece said.

"Her living conditions, to say the least, were very poor as she was living in old cars and caravans with half a dozen other Heinz varieties.

"She was a lovely sandy colour and very strong.

"We arrived back at Apple Tree Creek about 2pm and after Willow was getting used to the yard, we fed her about 5pm and to our surprise about five minutes later she cleared the front gate and absconded.

"We advertised in the food store and other outlets and apart from a few sightings on Bunns Rd, Hamanns Rd and behind the servo, very little was seen of her for the next two months.

"Barbie spotted her across the road from our house, but a semi frightened her.

"In the meantime I spent six weeks in Bundy hospital having a leg amputated.

"The few sightings that were reported to us stated she crossed the roads at 50kmh and had no chance of being hit by a car.

"We had given her up for lost when we read Thursday's Town and Country and a red cattle dog on Thompsons Rd had bought her home (true love).

"Anyway, Barbie went in and brought her home and she has settled in lovely after two months in limbo.

"It is just the tonic a guy who lost a leg can have for a foot warmer.

"It would bring a tear to your eye.

"If you see her in town say hello to Willow Rose - she did it tough."

- Tex Reece of Apple Tree Creek.

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