Man wanted wife's new lover killed

A JEALOUS husband believed his estranged wife would return to him when he ordered "a contract killing" of her new boyfriend for $10,000.

Mudassar Hussain, 38, put down a $200 deposit with the man he hired during a meeting in a Brisbane park, telling the man he did not care how Nishith Jadhav was killed but his body should never be found.

The Pakistan man, who is now an Australian citizen, was so "consumed" by jealousy over his wife Gita Verma's new relationship, and custody issues with his five-year-old daughter, that he approached a former work colleague to hatch his plan.

A schedule of facts tendered to Brisbane Supreme Court detailed how Hussain, who pleaded guilty on Friday to trying to procure a murder, believed drag racer Rick Rogers, who lived on acreage in northern NSW, allegedly had access to firearms and was associated with motorcycle gangs.

He asked Rogers to arrange someone to execute Jadhav but Rogers immediately phoned police who set up a covert officer.

Crown prosecutor Glen Cash told the court it was more than an "amateurish plot".

"He sought to engage someone to rid himself of what he saw as trouble in his own life. This was not a half-hearted attempt," he said.

Barrister Sam Nguyen said his client - a former taxi driver who then owned a tyre business - realised "the evil act of jealousy" betrayed his family and his God.

"It's conceded the motive is driven by jealousy," he said.

"In his mind, (Hussain) was hoping his wife would then return to him, that he would then be able to have access to his beloved daughter.

"He went to the mosque and he was advised by God to stay away but he lost that sense."

Justice David Boddice said jailed Hussain for eight years for the "disturbing" offence.

"You attempted to procure the murder of a person who had formed a relationship with your estranged wife," he said.

"The only way to view this behaviour is you had determined your wife would return to you and if she wasn't prepared to do it on your terms then you were going to take out of the equation any relationship she formed.

"That was despicable behaviour on your part.

"A wife is not an object to be controlled. She is entitled to her own decisions and she had made her own decision.

"Most people deal with broken marriages and people deal with (child access problems), they don't arrange a contract killer."

Hussain has already spent 217 days in custody which means he will be eligible for parole in October, 2013.

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