Man jailed after vicious assault on neighbour

A MAN has been jailed after attacking a neighbour with a beer bottle so viciously that it exposed the victim's skull.

Robert Mwangi Wanyoike, 55, pleaded guilty in Ipswich District Court to unlawful wounding in public while adversely affected, and common assault.

Crown prosecutor Noel Needham told the court the incident occurred on October 6, 2014 at a caravan park at Upper Tenthill.

He said Wanyoike had an extensive criminal history in New South Wales and Queensland for assault, stalking and being drunk in public.

"Wanyoike started banging on another person's cabin about 8pm and was yelling obscenities at him, saying he should be shot," he said.

"Another person managed to get the highly intoxicated Wanyoike away but he returned a short time later.

"The victim and another person were sitting outside having a smoke and Wanyoike came charging out of the dark armed with a large beer bottle.

"He threw the beer bottle, striking the victim in the head, which resulted in a 6cm laceration in which his skull was exposed."

Mr Needham said Wanyoike then tackled his victim to the ground and kicked him several times in the head and face.

He said the victim was off work for several months, still suffered headaches and had become withdrawn due to his mistrust of others.

"This was a prolonged, vicious and unprovoked attack," he said.

"Wanyoike went to great lengths to try and minimise his role in the attack which is evident in his pre-sentence custody report.

"The victim also felt bullied into dropping the case."

Defence barrister Scott Neaves said it was plainly apparent given Wanyoike's criminal history he had a problem with alcohol.

"Ultimately, if he missed we would not be here, but he did not and here we are," he said.

"He threw the bottle at his victim which is vastly different from a glassing."

Judge Greg Koppenol sentenced Wanyoike to 12 months behind bars but ordered he be released on June 21, 2016.

He further ordered he complete 90 hours community service upon his release. Wanyoike, who is an Australian resident but not a citizen, could have faced deportation back to Kenya if he was sentenced to more than 12 months actual custody.

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