RSPCA to keep watch of dog owner convicted of animal neglect

LANDED with a $2500 fine and other penalties, dog owner Rick Carman can continue to have pets but will be under the scrutiny of RSPCA staff to ensure the animals are well cared for.

This follows Carman's guilty plea to animal offences involving his dogs that went before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

The offences have cost him more than $3700 including court costs.

Prosecuted by the RSPCA, Richard James Carman, 29, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to five charges of breaching his duty of care of animals by failing to provide in May last year.

Carman told magistrate David Shepherd he worked five days a week as an earth mover operator but the RSPCA was welcome to visit his property at any time to check.

"I have a new missus. When I'm at work she's here every day with them (the animals)," Carman said.

RSPCA prosecutions officer Tracey Jackson put forward the five charges that involved three offences in which Carman failed to provide water and food; and two offences where he failed to treat the animals.

Three involved Zeus - his male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, and two charges involved Jess - a female Australian Cattle Dog.

An investigation took place last year after the RSPCA was notified that four dogs at his home were reportedly underweight. At first Carman did not respond to messages.

On February 10, 2017, two dogs and two pups were seen but only Jess was observed to be underweight.

Checks were done and the dogs were observed to have gained weight and be in good condition.

But the RSPCA was again contacted over a complaint the dogs may have been abandoned.

RSPCA facts state Jess and Zeus were found on March 25 emaciated with ribs, hip bones and spine clearly visible. The younger dogs were in reasonable condition.


Zeus was emaciated, weighing 16.5kg.
Zeus was emaciated, weighing 16.5kg.

Two large tubs placed under a tap in the yard held no water and were "bone dry" .

An RSPCA inspector provided water and food to the four dogs and all ate ravenously.

Jess and Zeus were seized and Carman agreed to surrender all four dogs but the two younger dogs were found on March 29 at the Ipswich City Council pound.

Jess and Zeus tested positive for hookworm, had a mild flea infestation and treated for worms and fleas.

Jess was emaciated and weighed 12.4kg and three weeks later after given a good diet weighed 19.4kg - a 57% gain of her bodyweight.


Jess, three weeks later after being on a good diet.
Jess, three weeks later after being on a good diet.

Zeus was emaciated and weighed 16.5kg. Within three weeks he weighed 22.9kg - a 39% gain.

Mr Shepherd found that Carman's offending was not a deliberate effort to harm animals but "a failure to give them necessary priority".

He had failed to ensure a quantity of food and water was available to them which was his obligation.

And he would now be supervised by the RSPCA.

He said Carman co-operated with the RSPCA.

Mr Shepherd fined Carman $2500 - half of which went to the RSPCA. And he was ordered to pay the RSPCA $1174 in costs for care and boarding.

Carman received a three year animal prohibition order except for Zeus and Jess who remain with him but must be de-sexed.


Within three weeks Zeus weighed 22.9kg.
Within three weeks Zeus weighed 22.9kg.

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