Man bust with drug lab in car boot

A MAN was busted with a clandestine drug laboratory in his car boot, an Ipswich court heard.

Daniel Antonelli, 35, caught police attention when they saw him driving without number plates on November 8 at Redbank Plains.

Antonelli stopped his vehicle and fled on foot before officers caught him.

The vehicle was seized and towed, and Antonelli was taken back to the watch house and charged with unregistered and uninsured driving.

Later in the day police received a phone call from staff working at the impounder who were putting together an inventory of items in the car.

Staff said they had found a firearm in the boot of the car.

When the Criminal Investigation Branch attended and searched the car, the discovery of the mobile laboratory was made.

Police found chemicals, gas burners, beakers, distilling equipment, steel stands, glass pipes and scales - all used for the production of methamphetamine.

In a black sunglasses case police found a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine, and then located another pipe.

Inside a box wrapped with electrical tape was ammunition, for which Antonelli didn't have a licence.

Officers also found an assortment of driver's licences.

Antonelli pleaded guilty at Ipswich Magistrates Court to seven offences, including two counts of possessing a relevant substance, and one count each of possessing a thing used in commission of a crime, explosives, utensils, obstructing police and driving unregistered.

He was fined $1200.

Defence lawyer Erin Beer said her client, a father of one, only had the items for personal use and now understood he needed a licence for the weapons.

Ms Beer said Antonelli had been unemployed since the January floods.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum ordered the seized items to be destroyed.

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