Man doused woman in boiling water after break-up

A WOMAN told police of hearing her skin "sizzling" after her spurned lover threw boiling water over her after he first head stomped her, in a shocking act of domestic violence.

The man's shameful attack was revealed in Ipswich District Court, where he appeared for sentence.

The court heard Christopher Poe took it as a personal insult when his girlfriend told him to leave her house.

He reacted some hours later by dragging her from a car, and stomping her head into the concrete floor of the garage, breaking her nose and eye socket.

Poe also attacked the victim's 70-year-old grandmother when she bravely tried to protect her granddaughter.

Christopher Poe, 32, pleaded guilty to a series of domestic violence crimes, including doing acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm and other malicious acts/throws/applies fluid upon a person in November 2018; grievous bodily harm; serious assault person aged over 60; and stealing.

Prosecutor Cameron Wilkins said the Crown sought a penalty of six years jail for the malicious act, with Poe to serve 80% before being considered for parole release.

Mr Wilkins said Poe was at the woman's house the night before when she ended the relationship but allowed him to stay overnight in a separate room.

He said Poe attacked her the next morning in the garage when she got into her car.

Mr Wilkins said he landed five punches to her face, dragged her out of the car and kicked her in the ribs before stomping on the back of her head.

Her face went into the floor and the impact fractured her right eye socket that required surgery.

When Poe was kicking the woman he kicked her 70-year-old grandmother when she tried to intervene.

Mr Wilkins said Poe left the garage and returned soon after with a kettle that held boiled water and poured it onto the victim's arms and head.

"She recalls hearing her skin sizzle. There were burns to her right ear and a wrist," he said.

"He took her phone and car keys saying, "this is what you get. Don't f**k with me."

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said he found that the act of stomping her head caused the grievous bodily harm injury to the right eye socket.

He said he was concerned by evidence in the lead up to the stomp where the woman was punched and kicked, in that an additional charge had not been laid - with the prosecution instead relying on it as being part of the narrative leading up to the grievous bodily harm offence.

Judge Lynch read in part from the woman's evidence: "He asked me what I was up to. Punched my face with his right hand.

"He dragged me out of the car on my knees. Kept kicking me in the ribs I was screaming stop, stop. Pulled my hair he stomped on my head.

"I was crying, my nose bleeding, blood dripping and hot water was poured on me, my arms. "The pain, I could hear my skin sizzling."

Judge Lynch said the injured woman was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital with a broken right eye socket, broken nose, bruises to her ribs and left shoulder, suffering second and third-degree burns to her right arm and left wrist.

Reconstructive eye surgery was carried out. He said some nerve damage was still being reported and that she suffers regular migraines.

Judge Lynch told Poe he had no excuse for his actions.

"You say you felt intense anger because she said hurtful things to you," Judge Lynch said.

"The trigger appears to be her saying to you, "no one will ever want you".

Judge Lynch said Poe had been sentenced previously to jail terms for offences of violence including assaults, robbery, and stalking.

Reports before the court indicated he had previously abused meth and alcohol.

He sentenced Poe to a six-year jail term for the malicious acts, declaring it an offence of serious violence.

Poe received a concurrent four jail year term for causing grievous bodily harm, and 12 months jail for serious assault.

Poe must serve 80 per cent of his sentence before he can apply for parole.

Poe has already spent more than 720 days in custody since his arrest in November 2018.

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