Man cops fine after bank fraud

A MAN hoped to become $2500 richer by trying to cash a cheque from a stolen cheque book.

Equestrian Land Developments Lowood was broken into between September 21 and 24 and a cheque book was stolen.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard the cheque book’s owner immediately reported it stolen.

But Steven Graham Thomas, 34, then went to a National Australia Bank branch, opened a new account – with his real name and address – and then tried to cash a $2500 cheque.

A bank employee told Thomas they could not present him with the cash and he would have to wait a few days for it to clear.

Thomas went home and a few days later he received a letter saying his cheque had bounced.

Police turned up to his home at Lowood on October 19 and Thomas admitted a friend had given him the fake cheque in return for borrowing his car for a few days.

“His friend said he could open an account and the bank would give him the $2500 straight away,” prosecutor Senior Constable Adam McDonald said.

“He was going to give the associate $500.”

Thomas pleaded guilty to attempted fraud, possessing tainted property and possessing drug utensils.

He was fined $600.

Defence lawyer Shay Duce said her client, a father-of-five, had been suffering from stress and had endured a long battle with cannabis use.

Ms Duce said Thomas received parenting payments from Centrelink.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Thomas he was lucky that he did not receive any money and was only charged with attempted fraud.

“It was obviously a very bold move for you to think you could deposit $2500 and just receive money like that,” she said.

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