Man accused of slitting the throat of "the love of his life"

"KYLIE Ann Hitchen ... she was the love of my life and may she rest in peace."

That is what the man accused of murdering the single mother said at the end of his highly emotive interview with police after his arrest.

Ronald Michael Craig has pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Ms Hitchen in her Esk home at the height of the 2011 flood disaster.

Ms Hitchen's lifeless body was found lying in a pool of blood after her throat had been slashed to the bone during the early hours of January 22, 2011.

The court heard on Tuesday a recording between detectives and Craig after he turned himself in at Brunswick Heads police station the following day.

Choking back tears Craig told investigators about the events leading up to Ms Hitchen's death.

"I am extremely remorseful. I feel sorry for her family as they are a good lot," he said.

"We were drunk. She wanted me to skol another beer and I did not want to, she just wanted to keep drinking and we got into a blue over it.

"I went outside to get some fresh air and look at the stars.

"When I came back inside she accused me of being on the phone to another sheila, but she always does that when she is drunk."

Craig told police things escalated very quickly from there.

"Kylie grabbed the knife first and I tried to disarm her, but it exploded from there," he said.

"In the heat of the moment I cut her across the neck.

"There was no thought to it, it was just drunkenness . . . I just cut her f***in throat, it was a moment of insanity.

"I cut her throat like I would a loaf of bread. I did not even realise what I was doing or the fact it was her."

Craig then told police what happened when his partner slumped to the kitchen floor.

"I heard gurgling coming from her throat and then it stopped," he said.

"It was all over in a matter of seconds.

"I sat there and cried for about an hour. I could not believe what I was seeing on the kitchen floor."

Craig sat in the dock with his head bowed wiping away tears as the police recording gave an insight into their troubled relationship.

"She always put me down, always, and this went on for about 18 months," he said in the recording.

"There was no one else (women) in my life . . . I would not dream of being with another sheila because I loved her so much.

"How many times can you tell someone you love them and they do not believe you?

"She had this complex where she thought no one loved her, but she would not accept my love.

"I am just so, so remorseful. It is disgusting what happened.

"I am so sorry for her family and for mine . . . If she had not grabbed the knife first then none of this would have happened.

"She was the love of my life."

The trial before Justice David Jackson continues.

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