Man accused of stomping found not guilty of GBH

A MAN accused of stomping on another man's head after the man kicked his baby has been found not guilty of causing him grievous bodily harm.

An Ipswich District Court jury took one hour to acquit Adam Edward Payne, 36, of Lockrose, following a six-day trial.

Crown prosecutors argued Payne had repeatedly stomped on the victim's head, breaking his jaw and causing swelling to the brain, after a fight on October 2 last year.

The Crown called multiple civilian, police and medical witnesses during the trial.

Payne's defence barrister, Alex Nelson, said his client had seen the victim kick his nine-month-old son twice and was about to kick the baby a third time when Payne king-hit the man.

Mr Nelson argued Payne, distraught at seeing his baby attacked, could not foresee such severe injuries would be caused.

Mr Nelson said the injuries could have occurred from the one punch, which knocked the victim to the ground.

Payne then dropped him home to a Rosella Ave address.

The victim's family and friends said they saw Payne continue his attack, but Mr Nelson argued they had collaborated their evidence to get their stories straight.

Mr Nelson also questioned why the family would lie to the police when the investigation began.

Payne has spent the past 411 days in custody waiting for the trial to begin.

Yesterday he pleaded guilty to seven offences of possessing drugs and weapons and producing drugs.

Payne was convicted and sentenced to the time already served in custody.

The father of four was discharged, released from custody and planned to return to work as a groundsmen in Gatton, his lawyer said.

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