Malcolm Roberts defeated but tipped to return

Malcolm Roberts
Malcolm Roberts

IT'S not over for Malcolm Roberts in Ipswich.

The controversial, high profile One Nation figure is likely to be back when the next federal election is called, although party power broker James Ashby wasn't giving anything away.

Mr Ashby told the QT the election results in Ipswich reflected the LNP's lacklustre campaign, the success of Labor's attack on the conservative party, and Mr Roberts' tireless efforts in advertising himself and One Nation to the people of Ipswich.

Mr Roberts secured 26.37 per cent of the primary vote compared to Labor's 48.39 per cent. The LNP fell short of 14 per cent in the Ipswich race.

Mr Ashby said there was a future for Mr Roberts in the federal political arena and that Mr Roberts had run a stand-out campaign.

The federal seat of Oxley, which Pauline Hanson won in 1996, has been earmarked by some as the obvious choice for Mr Roberts to contest, although Mr Ashby wasn't giving anything away.

James Ashby - former staffer of Peter Slipper. November 26, 2015.
Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily
James Ashby - former staffer of Peter Slipper. November 26, 2015. Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily Patrick Woods

"For a four-week campaign Malcolm excelled in his abilities and shone well above the LNP who came nowhere near him.

"If he had six months to campaign, the message would have resonated more with locals.

"Trust is a big issue for Queenslanders and they've shown they don't trust Tim Nicholls."

Regardless of the state election outcome Mr Roberts has a "bright" future in the One Nation party, Mr Ashby said.

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