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Make police investigation into Labor MP public: Opposition

SHADOW attorney-general Ian Walker has called on the Palaszczuk Government to release details of the police investigation into Labor MP Rick Williams.

Police on Monday announced there was not enough evidence to lay charges against Mr Williams relating to alleged sexual harassment and business impropriety.

But Mr Walker said the government should explain to the Queensland public why a year-long investigation involving police and an independent lawyer resulted in no charges.

"If the government is truly transparent about what it does, truly transparent about that open government it would explain to the people of Queensland why this investigation took so long, why it was necessary after nine months to independently refer it to a lawyer and why after 12 months simply nothing is going to happen," he said.

Mr Walker denied such a statement from the government would breach the separation of powers that allows the police to operate independently from the government.

He said how the government could avoid breaching the separation of powers was a "matter for the government".

Pumicestone Labor MP Mr Williams told the ABC on Tuesday he believed the LNP were behind the allegations against him.

"I have no doubt in my mind that the LNP were ones going out, talking with, generating all this stuff and then feeding it to media sources to discredit me," he said.

"I think that the community now would expect me to go out and present a case, and probably do something on behalf of the community, so that people don't bring vexatious complaints like this."

Mr Williams said on Tuesday police did not approach him for an interview regarding the allegations.

Mr Walker said he found that "alarming".

"I can't believe that in a 12-month investigation with serious allegations against a member of Parliament that member of parliament wasn't even asked to respond to those allegations. There's something strange about this, the people of Queensland deserve to know much more than they have been told," he said.


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