Major road upgrade delayed three months after service issue

ONE of the most significant road upgrade projects in Ipswich has been delayed by three months.

Proposed work to add a third inbound lane to Brisbane St at West Ipswich is now due to start in June this year.

Initially, January 2019 was earmarked for the start of the roadwork component of the upgrade, however owing to significant delays by utility service providers in relocating power, communication cables and water services work could not start.

Ipswich City Council now expects all work by utility companies to be finished by the end of May 2019.

A council spokesperson said Epoch Constructions would deliver the work and the company's consideration and flexibility in solving these delays was appreciated.

"Once fully underway roadwork will include a new set of traffic signals at Tiger St and synchronising all West Ipswich traffic signals," the council spokesman said.

"There will be improved pedestrian safety particularly at Tiger St."

Ipswich City Council has budgeted $5 million for the current upgrade.

"This upgrade will give about 10 years additional capacity to Brisbane St," the spokesman said.

"Ultimately it will require further widening of the road reserve along Brisbane St at West Ipswich.

"Some early preparation for this has already been done with recent buildings constructed on the new setback.

"For example, Bunnings, Home HQ and a number of others are on the new alignment."

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