OPINION: Major players don't want Hanson around

ARE the major political parties so concerned about Pauline Hanson that they will both do anything to bring her down?

It seems that way and the just concluded election has shown that up once again.

Labor candidate Steve Leese looks to have handed his arch rival Ian Rickuss the keys to Parliament House because he was so concerned about Hanson getting up he left her off his how to vote card.

It's almost certain if Hanson had received her share of preferences from Leese she would have defeated Rickuss and would now be back in parliament.

Amazingly she could also have been in a powerful Independent's position to have demanded major benefits for the Lockyer region, including such things as a food processing plant.

Pauline Hanson on the floor of parliament would certainly have made things interesting for both parties.

As an engaged member for Lockyer, without any need to roll along singing the party tune, she would have ensured that the area received the recognition it has missed out on.

Instead Ian Rickuss is favourite to line up again and it seems unless a miracle happens he will be sitting in the Opposition bleachers where voices are heard, but seldom acted on.

Hanson's showing will encourage her to once again seek re-election to a parliamentary position, but once again she will be cut off at the knees because she asks too many embarrassing questions.

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