Chamber Talk with QT Better Business columnist Brett Kitching.
Chamber Talk with QT Better Business columnist Brett Kitching.

Major events on Ipswich calendar lift economy and spirits

DESPITE some weather interruptions, two major events of the past couple of weekends in Ipswich have boosted the local economy, while allowing a break from the daily routine of business.

It is vitally important to be able to take time out from operating a business, as explained at the Suncorp Chamber function which featured guest speaker Dennis Hoiberg earlier in the year.

And what better way could there be for Ipswichians to take time out from the ordinary run of the mill, than to attend two events of national significance in Ipswich over recent weeks?

Firstly it was the Willowbank Winternationals held over the long weekend of June.

And this was followed by the Ipswich Cup last weekend.

While rain affected both events to a degree, there was still a great opportunity to take time out to enjoy spectacular car racing, followed by spectacular horse racing.

The impact of these events on the local economy is substantial as many thousands of visitors to the city for each weekend take part in more than just the events themselves.

Many businesses including transport providers, fashion and accessories houses, accommodation suppliers, and flow-on services providers all see these winter events as important for their businesses.

As the Winternationals attract a majority of their patrons from interstate and overseas, this is an important event for accommodation providers.

The Ipswich Cup is a little different and is an event which results in increased sales at fashion and accessory houses.

Additionally, the community spirit in Ipswich is never more evident than it is at the city's major events such as the two June spectaculars.

The Ipswich Cup for example attracts a higher attendance of racegoers than any other provincial club race meeting in Australia.

And furthermore, this attendance is mostly in a display of local community spirit.

So events such as the Ipswich Cup and Winternationals serve a number of purposes.

Firstly, there is the boost to the local economy, secondly there is the opportunity to take much needed time out for various business operators, and thirdly there is a display of pride in the strong community spirit that Ipswich has become known for.

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