Magpies are watching you.
Magpies are watching you. Max Fleet

MAP: Where magpies are swooping in Ipswich

IT'S spring and that means Ipswich's swooping magpies are out in force.

The black and white dive-bombers are most aggressive from August to October, but can attack people while defending their nests from now until December.

A number of attacks have been reported already, including cyclists with injuries from pecking.

The website lists numerous incidents including swooping at Jambaroo Way, Karana Downs, Junction Rd, Karalee, Queensborough Pde, Karalee, Hunter St, Brassall, Macrae St, Coalfalls, Sydney St, Brassall and Station Rd, Wacol in the past month.

A cyclist reported they were injured when they were attacked at Forest Hill Fervale Rd at Lowood on September 2.

"Attacked by the same bird both coming an going. Both attacks drew blood," the cyclist, John, said.

Readers have also warned of magpies at Mellor Pl, Brassall, Cole St, Blackston Rd and Glebe Rd at Silkstone, Immaculate Heart Church at Leichhardt, Redbank Plains Rd, Redbank Plains, Jacaranda St, East Ipswich, Cole St, Silkstone, Lowood Minden Rd, Minden, Whitehill Rd and Reif St at Flinders View.

In extreme circumstances some birds can be removed from the area if they pose a risk to public safety but authorities try to keep these occurrences to a minimum. 

If you believe a magpie is dangerous contact the local council or a licensed bird relocator. 


There are a few simple ways everybody can help to avoid being attacked including:

  • Avoid areas where magpies are breeding and nesting for the duration of the breeding season. Magpies swoop to scare the intruder away from the nest, not to cause injury. Leave the area as quickly as possible and the bird should stop swooping.
  • Cyclists should dismount their bikes and walk away. It is believed the birds respond mainly to movement. Protect yourself with glasses, a sturdy hat or umbrella.
  • Watch the magpie while walking away quickly. It is less likely to swoop if it knows you're watching.
  • Never harass or provoke magpies as this may lead to a worse attack next time.
  • Do not try to kill or cause injury to the birds, remove nests or eggs.
  • Never approach or pick up a young magpie. Young magpies spend a lot of time on the ground and are usually under the watchful eye of a parent.
  • If you are riding your bike you can: Wave a stick or fit a flexible pole to your bicycle. Dismount and walk. Stick eye spots, a plastic face and/or zip ties on your helmet.

For further information on staying safe from swooping magpies, visit

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