Magistrate 'appalled'

A MAN who admitted to a string of traffic offences - including drunk and disqualified driving - was told he was lucky to walk from court.

James Leon Doyle, 38, returned blood alcohol readings of 0.124 and 0.158 when he was pulled over on two separate occasions in April and May.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard last week the Raceview man was also driving alone on a learner's permit at the time of the April 15 offence.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Rose Kane said police noticed Doyle after watching him almost cause an accident when he failed to give way to a large truck at a Loganholme roundabout.

When police pulled an unlicensed Doyle over for a random breath test on May 8, he initially refused to give a sample.

He was then taken to Logan police station where he registered 0.158.

The court heard Doyle was also charged with a disqualified driving offence from August 27, 2008.

The father of four pleaded guilty to all traffic charges yesterday.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said his client was an alcoholic who - despite his mature age - could benefit from probation.

“Clearly he needs some intervention in respect to his drink driving,” Mr Fairclough said.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin told Doyle he would have been facing a jail term if not for his lack of a significant Queensland traffic history.

“All in all this is appalling behaviour which shows an utter disregard for the road rules,” Mr McLaughlin said.

Doyle was fined a total of $1000 for disqualified driving and failing to appear in court, and sentenced to 18 months probation for the remaining driving offences.

He was banned from holding a driver's licence for two years.

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